UPDATE: There's great news as David Draiman's dog Charlotte has been found. The musician did not elaborate on how Charlotte returned to him, but did post photos with his puppy back home, as seen below.

Calling all metal fans and/or animal lovers! Disturbed vocalist David Draiman’s golden retriever puppy, Charlotte, is currently missing, and the frontman is offering a reward for any information that leads to her being found.

Earlier today (Oct. 1), Draiman uploaded an adorable photo of Charlotte to Instagram, captioning:

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that I have to announce that our dear puppy, Charlotte has been missing since the morning before last. We think she was taken by someone/something when she was playing out in the yard. Reward for with any information on her whereabouts that leads to finding her 10 week old Golden Retriever puppy, Charlotte. Taken from the Coral Gables area of Miami.

You can see the post below:

He also posted about it on Twitter, and so far, he’s received hundreds of supportive comments, shares and the like.

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Naturally, Draiman’s social media feeds have featured Charlotte a lot lately; he even posted some new photos last Friday (Sept. 29), which you can view below in addition to some other pictures (in case they help):

This past April, Draiman told Kyle Meredith that he “recently said goodbye to [his] Akita [dog, Gabriel]," who was "[his] best friend of 14 years” (via Consequence). As Blabbermouth notes, he’s spoken about losing other pets in the past as well, so it’s no wonder why Charlotte means so much to him.

Any and all help you can provide is greatly appreciated, and of course, everyone at Loudwire is hoping for Charlotte’s safe and speedy return.

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