While Journey are currently on the road as part of their 50th anniversary celebration, things have not exactly been calm behind the scenes for a few months now. While the legal dispute between guitarist Neal Schon and keyboardist Jonathan Cain has made headlines, it now appears as though vocalist Arnel Pineda has grown frustrated with his treatment within the group as well.

Pineda's name has not really surfaced much during the financial dispute between Schon and Cain, but last month when Schon's push to bring original keyboardist Gregg Rolie back into the band was halted, a post from Schon's wife Michaele on their joint Facebook page revealed the inner workings of the band's discussion on the matter. "TWO BAND MEMBERS of the Journey current LINE UP ARE 'adamant NO' against Gregg Rolie to return," stated the post at one point, later adding, "Neal Schön and Gregg ROLIE will be somewhere Together at least one time this Year in Honor of what they began in 1972 . Faith, let’s ask God to find a way for them. let’s pray for forgiveness for those who hurt Gregg ROLIE and hope they learn what spirituality is someday .We all love you !!"

That post appeared on Jan. 12, right after the death of Jeff Beck and posed with the commentary about how precious life is while pushing the idea of Rolie's return. Given that Cain and Pineda are the other two members of Journey, Pineda took to social media a day later after receiving comments inspired by the Schon posting. "You people are unbelievable…whoever’s spreading rumor about me regarding the #GregRollie issue are maliciously ignorant..im not gonna stoop down to your level," said the vocalist at the time.

Then, this past Saturday (Feb. 4), Pineda dropped a pair of tweets seemingly showing his frustration with the continued drama and his treatment within the group. "I'm with the band to sing the legacy," stated the vocalist. "If some of them are tired of me being with them, with all means, they can fire me anytime..and don’t lecture me about spiritual BS," stated the singer with the hashtag #walkthetalk.

After about 10 minutes, a second tweet followed, with Pineda venting, "All i know is #ivepaidmydues. So stop reminding me where i came from..coz it’s in my heart everyday..you just don’t pay attention..im not a slave..im a human being like anybody else..#wrongiswrong #rightisright that simple."

Among those commenting on Pineda's second tweet was Jeff Scott Soto, one of Journey's former frontmen, who offered some words of encouragement to the singer. "You have NOTHING or NO ONE to answer to brother, you're a kind, gentle and huge heart with a huge talent to match, it's the age old crap when you achieve success and happiness, there are many who want to break you down! Stay the course, YOUR course, I'm proud to be your friend," said the vocalist.

Journey's 50th anniversary tour has continued on with the band most recently performing Sunday night (Feb. 5) in Charlottesville, Virginia. Their next show takes place tonight (Feb. 8) in Savannah, Georgia.

Meanwhile, Schon's Facebook page has been teasing "a special surprise" for the band's Feb. 22 date at Moody Center in Austin, Texas. Get your tickets to see Journey here.

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