Metallica's "Lux Æterna," the band's new single released Nov. 28, is still being discussed by metal fans. One point of discussion — and a topic that will be unsurprising to longtime Metallica listeners — is the drum performance on the song from Metallica's Lars Ulrich.

Now, you can hear Ulrich's isolated drum tracks from "Lux Aeterna."

Did that lighting quick kick drum catch you off guard when you first heard the song? What about the wash of cymbals Ulrich often employs in his performances? Now you can take it all in without the distraction from the other instruments in the mix, and key in to what Ulrich is tapping out on those skins.

How did this come to pass? YouTube user Abunchoftrash isolated Ulrich's "Lux Æterna" tracks using the app Moises, an AI-powered tool for musicians that lets users remove vocals and isolate instruments in a song. It also lets them play a song at any key or speed. (There are now numerous apps available that help musicians accomplish such a feat.)

"Lux Æterna" is part of Metallica's 72 Seasons, the band's forthcoming album out on April 14, 2023. And "Lux Æterna" is already quite popular, according to the music charts — it cracked the Top 10 on Billboard's Hot Trending Tracks and is now climbing the YouTube Music Charts.

Soon, Metallica will embark on an a world tour centered around 72 Seasons. Make sure to get your Metallica concert tickets here.

Hear the isolated parts below.

Metallica, "Lux Æterna" Isolated Drum Tracks

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