The courts have ruled that Noel Gallagher is not to drive for six months after failing to pay multiple speeding tickets, but as it turns out, he had not been driving at all. Confused? Per the Evening Standard, Gallagher was subject to answering for speeding tickets at the Lavender Hill magistrates court on Wednesday (Sept. 6). However, while Gallagher is the registered owner of the Range Rover vehicle that had been cited for the pair of speeding tickets, it was his driver who actually committed the offenses.

The musician's driver confirmed that he had been at the wheel of the speeding car and was also responsible for the Metropolitan Police letters going unanswered. But as the owner of the vehicle, it was Gallagher who was being prosecuted. Prior to the proceedings it was determined that the musician had already amassed six penalty points on his license, with a £742 fine and costs and court fees totaling £396 from the offenses which had taken place in January and February of this year and had yet to be settled.

During the proceedings, magistrates also levied an additional 12 penalty points (bringing the total to 18) and enforced an automatic six-month driving ban against the musician, while ordering him to pay a total of £1340 in fines, £110 prosecution costs and a £536 court fee.

Gallagher famously attempted to get his driver's license back in the '90s during the height of Oasis' fame, but eventually gave up learning to drive. As for why he never got his driver's license, Gallagher told BBC Radio 2's Zoe Ball earlier this year that when he was taking lessons back in the '90s, he was once mobbed by fans. “I’m in a red Nissan Micra with a massive great big triangle on the top of it with an L, with all these kids coming out”, he recalled. “This is at the height of Oasis mania. I was like, ‘never, never again am I getting in a car’.”

Over the course of the proceedings, Gallagher did not reference his lack of a drivers license, but did accept responsibility in a letter sent to the court. He explained, “I did not personally receive the notice or the reminder, and neither were brought to my attention by my staff. I have a team of people who assist me with the management of my personal and business matters, which includes correspondence that is sent to my home address. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility as the registered keeper of a motor vehicle to ensure that suitable and effective arrangements are in place to safeguard against important correspondence not being dealt with as required.”

He went on to add, “I confirm my willingness to pay the financial penalties imposed by the court. I understand the court will be considering disqualification and I am content for the court to proceed in my absence. Please note that I am currently abroad due to work commitments.” The musician also told the court that "necessary improvements have been implemented" after learning of the infractions and the miscommunications with his staff.

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The star's driver also wrote the court to explain why the police letters had not been answered, explaining, “I am solely responsible for correspondence and other matters regarding vehicles. Even though the vehicle involved in said offense is registered to Mr Gallagher, (he) does not hold a driving license hence why I am sending this statement. The initial offense charge sheet was never received and the final reminder was not received until mid-January. I believe the reason for this is, as well publicized, there was a postal strike before Christmas which I believe led to this delay. This coupled with the Christmas post is the only logical explanation as to why these letter was received so late.”

Per the Evening Standard report, Gallagher pled guilty to two charges of failing to give information to the police identifying the driver of his vehicle. He was ordered not to drive for six months, but is still free to have a chauffeur as he's used in the past. He's also been given a week to settle his £1,986 legal bill over the speeding tickets and fines.

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