No one who has ever see Jurassic Park has ever forgotten Dennis Nedry, the weaselly and vengeful computer nerd who accidentally brings down the dino-themed amusement park out of spite and frustration about his low paycheck. Played by the wonderful Wayne Knight — also known for his roles on TV’s 3rd Rock From the Sun and Seinfeld, where he was Jerry’s arch-nemesis Newman — Nedry had a particularly memorable death scene where he valiantly chased a raptor on a motorcycle while his shredded arms gleamed in the sun, until he crashed and passed away in a fiery blaze of glory.

Wait... that’s not right at all. And yet that appears to be what is being depicted in a brand new Jurassic Park action figure. The new “Jurassic World Dennis Nedry '93 Classic Collection Track and Chase Pack” from Mattel boasts that it “captures the nostalgia of the ’90s.” But instead of showing what really happened to Nedry’s character — he was eaten by one of those spitting dilophosaurus dinos with the big neck frill — it features a sleeveless Wayne Knight riding a Jurassic Park-branded chopper capturing a raptor with an “oversized DNA extractor accessory.”

Just look at these pictures.

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Hello Newman!

The thing that’s really amazing is the figure features a very good Wayne Knight likeness ... at least from the neck up. That is unquestionably Dennis Nedry. It’s just amazing that they stuck that head on this body and gave him a badass motorcycle to capture raptors with.

For sake of comparison, here is another iconic scene featuring Wayne Knight as Dennis Nedry.

If you’re curious: They did make a Dennis Nedry figure back in the 1990s tied as part of the very first Jurassic Park toy line. 1993’s Dennis Nedry came with “Tranq-Spray Gun & Dino-Damage Arm.”


The backpack accessory could be filled with water that could then squirt out through the attached cannon — ironically the Nedry toy could spray dinosaurs even though movie Nedry got sprayed by a dinosaur right before it turned him into human chopped meat. That was a pretty silly figure too — and the likeness to Wayne Knight was way worse. But compared to this new Nedry figure it’s practically a photograph of the guy from the movie.

You can pre-order Mattel’s Dennis Nedry figure from Target now. It’s currently listed with a release date of April 28. They’re also selling a Jeff Goldblum figure that comes with a dinosaur hang-glider. I think we all remember that classic scene from Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park, right?

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