These days, food trucks are the 'in' thing throughout much of New England.  While they had been gaining traction in the 2010s, they really took of during the pandemic.  At a time when going to a normal restaurant was a pain (or in some cases impossible), these trucks gave chefs a chance to show off their culinary skills.

Now, they offer aspiring restauranteurs a cheaper alternative to opening an actual restaurant.

It was not that long ago that typical food truck offerings included burgers, chicken tenders, fries, and not much else.  These days, they are serving up anything from tacos to tenders to oysters.

Luis Santoyo via Unsplash
Luis Santoyo via Unsplash

Maine Food Truck Parks

In recent years, we have seen food truck parks open in several Maine communities.  Basically, they operate like a mall food court.  Instead of being restaurant kiosks inside a mall, they are food trucks in a parking lot.

There is a small one in Bridgton, there is one on the Eastern Prom in Portland, and a Freeport restaurant plans to host one this summer.

Of course, the big poppa of all Maine food truck parks is Congdon's.

Harry Gillen, Unsplash
Harry Gillen, Unsplash

Congdon's After Dark

You'll find Maine's largest food truck park on Post Road in Wells.

The park, which has been around since 2017, is located in the parking lot of Congdon's Donuts

The park, which operates on summer evenings, features about ten food trucks each night.  The trucks are serving up food between 4-8 PM. However, they almost always have a few trucks open until 9 or 10 PM.

Guests can also get alcoholic beverages at the beer garden.

There is no admission charge or parking fee, and the park has plenty of seating.

They have announced that the opening date for the 2024 season will be Thursday, May 23.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Want to Be a Part of Congdon's After Dark?

They are currently accepting applications for the upcoming season.

They are looking to ensure that guests have a variety of foods to choose from.  They are also asking that each food truck have at least a year of experience, that the food trucks have a favorable rating, that they be active on social media, and that they have an active fanbase.

Get more details HERE.

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