Sushi is a culinary delight that I luckily stumbled upon a decade ago through my best friend Katie, and my love for it has only grown since.

Exploring new sushi spots is a favorite pastime for us. We have girls nights and venture out to try new spots that offer sushi. What I cherish most about sushi? That would be the satisfaction it brings after eating it. You are not overly full, just content and happy.

A special report on  24/7 Wall St was published July 2023, offering a list revealing the best sushi spots in every state in the nation. So I had to dive in and see which sushi join in Maine is considered "the best".

The restaurant considered the best in Maine is Miyake. 

Nestled in Portland, Maine, Miyake stands as a culinary gem named after its owner, Masa Miyake, a Tokyo native. They offer delectable dishes for all to savor, and have two locations on Fore Street and State Street in Portland.

A review on Yelp considers Miyake's Ichiban almost four stars!

This yummy establishment is a go-to spot for Japanese cuisine enthusiasts over the past 10 years.

According to their website, they offer a 10-seat sushi bar and a diverse menu of shareable plates that will make your mouth water.

Their sushi selection is pretty extensive including chumaki, nigiri, sashimi, and inventive rolls like the Ceviche Roll with diced Japanese snapper, citrus, cilantro, truffle oil, and shiso. My mouth is watering already.

Miyake is an excellent option to explore, but I have a few top contenders in mind as well!

Vinicius Benedit via Unsplash
Vinicius Benedit via Unsplash

I enjoy going to Kume in Augusta. Kume has another location in Topsham as well, and let me tell you, the tempura they offer is irresistible.

In addition to Kume, it's a delight to sit on the patio in the summer enjoying sushi at Yosaku, also in Portland!

Which sushi spot in Maine if your favorite to indulge in?

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To take a look at the menu or make a reservation at this noteworthy restaurant, visit their website! 

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