The solar eclipse carries deep spiritual meaning, and Maine is in for a treat, because we are in the pathway of totality and can use that for spiritual growth! .

This will mark a time of inner reflection and renewal.

According to Marca, the eclipse is aligned with the Aries new moon and Mercury retrograde, so this will give you introspection and set the stage for personal growth.

Use this eclipse to transform yourself into the best human you can be!

This cosmic convergence will invite you to get rid of bad patterns and embrace confidence, self-discovery, and profound change, according to Today. 

So think about this solar eclipse as a powerful tool for healing old wounds. Letting go of past regret or guilt that's been weighing you down. Once you release that, you'll immediately make room and space in your heart for something positive.

Picture it like an intensified new moon, and this will symbolize fresh starts.

However, true new beginnings only come when you actively let go of those negative attachments to the past and do some inner work to move forward. I will be doing this, and invite you try along with me. I know letting go is much easier said than done, but it's a gift to give to yourself.

With spirituality comes your zodiac.

So let's dive into each zodiac sign based solely on this total solar eclipse, as per Today. 

How The Total Solar Eclipse Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How does your zodiac reflect the eclipse?

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