It's no secret that the amount of rain the state of Maine saw during December's 'Grinch Storm' was unlike anything we've seen in recent history.

The Kennebec River breached her banks and caused flooding at levels we haven't seen since the "flood of '87."

Sadly, many homes, businesses and landmarks were devastated by the effects.

One of the places that sustained historic levels of damage was Fort Halifax Park in the city of Winslow, Maine.

Halifax Park has been home to community celebrations, concerts, fundraisers, and of course, the massive Winslow Family 4th of July that used to host all its festivities within the confines of the historic landmark.

Halifax Park
Halifax Park

According to the Kennebec Journal, Fort Halifax was constructed way back in 1754 during the beginning of the French and Indian War. However, at the end of the war in 1763, the KJ reports that the fort was in 'disrepair'.

Now, all that's left of the historic Fort Halifax is the wooden blockhouse, which also happens to be the oldest in the entire United States, the newspaper stated.

That historic blockhouse was actually destroyed during the massive flood of 1987 but would be rebuilt with original salvaged timber the following year, according to the KJ.

Today, Fort Halifax is most notable for its two structures: The blockhouse that towers over the adjacent railroad tracks and the large wooden pavilion-style stage that points directly into the masses (North).

Sadly, during the Grinch Storm, water levels rose into the park causing the stage to become warped, waterlogged and destroyed, according to the KJ.

But members of the town of Winslow say they have big plans to restore not just the pavilion, but the entire park.

The hope is to eventually have a place where the town can host a summer concert series, according to the newspaper.

With such a large space at their disposal, we think there's an opportunity for some pretty big names to play there.

Halifax Park 2
Halifax Park 2

Winslow Town Manager, Ella Bowman, has created a committee that will serve to bring new plans and a new future to Halifax Park within the coming years, according to the Kennebec Journal, and construction on the rebuilding of the park is likely to begin next year.

Bowman said about the massive project to the Kennebec Journal.

“This is all kind of the beginning leg of something that’s actually gonna be (a) yearslong project. There is so much that can take place down there. It is the diamond of the town, and we need to take care of it.”

Guess we will see what happens in the future.

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