Maine winters limit outdoor fun, including sports like golf. The excitement is heightened when a new indoor golf spot opens, providing golfers the opportunity to maintain their skills throughout the cold winter season.

Now, the question arises:

Where is this indoor golf haven located?

Swish Indoor Golf is located inside of the Hathaway Building at 10 Water Street in Waterville, Maine.

Swish is described as "Central Maine's Premier Indoor Golfing Experience."

I saw an anonymous posting on What's up, Waterville, Maine, showing pictures of Swish's indoor golf spot!

What is an indoor golf experience? It's super cool. They have these huge projectors that simulate that you are on various different courses.

These cutting-edge screens replicate the experience of playing golf in an indoor environment, and lets players practice.

Below is a video of the world's most realistic golf simulator on YouTube, posted by Golficity.

The sensors track the ball's trajectory and impact, which in turn provides accurate data on your distance, speed, and ball spin.

This immersive tech gives golf lovers the ability to enjoy the sport year-round, regardless of what the Maine weather is.

It also offers a valuable tool for helping you refine your skills.

So check out Swish's indoor golf extravaganza in Waterville inside the Hathaway Building.

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