Eamon White is an unbelievable human. I stumbled upon an article written about him on Down East, and man did he inspire the hell out of me.

Art and creativity are so important to humanity. When you create anything using your imagination and skill, you are growing and evolving your spirit tenfold.

Eamon White, of Lewiston, loves painting, design and football. He played football for the University of Maine and Massachusetts's Merrimack College.  He is also a creator, so he cleverly put the two passions together.

He was able to uncover and incorporate something beautiful within his art, and that was his love of sports.

While producing custom designed cleats exhibiting his skill, he has gained some pretty big clients to his roster, including, J.T. Hassell (former defensive back for the New York Jets), Cyril Grayson Jr. (wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers), and Ryan Fitzgerald (shortstop to the Portland Sea Dogs).

Furthermore, players are using the cleats to display their passion projects, like charities and causes.

According to the same Down East article, he was able to help J.T. Hassell raise awareness about a cause concerning children with underdeveloped hands by custom designing cleats for him.

The players use the artist to strengthen the awareness of each cause they are interested in.

That is just one example of how Eamon's art has helped the sports community.

He also teaches art at Lewiston Schools, as well as coaches football. Below is a Youtube video from one of the classes he teaches.

Who says you can't do it all?

Check out Eamon and everything he is up to on his IG pages BigEImages and BigEkicks

Check out the gallery below of some of his newer custom-made cleats!

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