When the photo of this buoy surfaced, I was surprised by its sheer size.

Who knew buoys could be this colossal? Weighing in at a gigantic 8,000 pounds and towering at 12 feet high, this Maine buoy is monumental.

Dave Dostie posted the photos he captured of this buoy at Well's Beach in Southern Maine.

It's hard to think that such a huge structure could be ripped from the sea and washed ashore, but that's precisely what happened during the brutal nor'easter on April 4.

What is amusing to me is not so much about how this buoy ended up on land, but instead what Mainers are doing before its departure.

As the ferocious winds and raging seas battered the coast, this large buoy was torn from its sea anchor and hurled onto the shore. However, before the Maine Coast Guard could officially remove it, locals bid their farewells.

Dave Dostie
Dave Dostie

Each person had their own way of commemorating the buoy's visit before saying goodbye. Some people carved their names into its massive metal, while others treated it as a makeshift jungle gym.

In the photo, you can see that some of the names appear to have been etched long ago, while others seem pretty fresh. This suggests that the buoy has witnessed a significant passage of time and a multitude of visitors.

The presence of these names raises intriguing questions about the buoy's history.

How long have these names adorned its surface? And what stories lie behind each name? This buoy serves as a captivating item of maritime history, offering glimpses into the lives and experiences of those who have encountered and seen it over the years.

I could also be wrong. but it's an interesting thought.

This adds an extra fun layer to the buoy's history, suggesting that its significance extends beyond its time on land.

The idea that these names might have been etched underwater adds to the mystery  surrounding our massive maritime relic.

Dave Dostie
Dave Dostie

Dostie writes, 

The US Coast Guard originally made the decision the iconic Wells Harbor red and white buoy would be retired after its removal tomorrow, however the community has since come together to save it! With its unique appearance and its distinct bell warning boaters of high seas, it has become clearly evident this beacon is near and dear to those who live in and around Wells!

I couldn't have said it better.

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