Authorities are asking Mainers to keep an eye out for a missing llama. Yes, a missing llama! This young llama may have been stolen from a farm in Acton, Maine, according to WGME.

The llama is far too young to be separated from its mama, and needs to be back with her soon.

The Acton Animal Control took action when Officer Jim Driscoll received call on Sunday regarding the possible theft of the llama, as the report states. Jim is now reaching out to farmers and nearby neighbors in the Foxes Ridge and County Road areas and asking them to keep an eye out for the baby llama.

The young llama, born in September, should stay close to its mother.

Even though the llama was housed in a sturdy pen, it is believed that the llama escaped on its own. Jim notes that young llamas tend not to wander around much. In addition, there is no evidence that suggests a predator got into the enclosure. This is why it's believe there was an alleged theft that occurred.

The York County Sheriff's Office is also involved, and is telling folks that anyone with information regarding the missing llama is urged to contact Jim Driscoll at (207) 206-6065.

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