Money makes the world go round, they say. Some save, others spend their lives working to retire comfortably, and then there are those who collect or earn their fortunes, affording them the luxury of residing in the largest homes.

New England has long been loved for its big and beautiful homes, castles, and estates. Let's jump into the realm of grandeur and take a peak at the most expensive homes in each New England state, according to FW.

These homes aren't just homes. They're monuments to the rich and famous.

I mean, look. They have more bedrooms than a royal palace and more bathrooms then the best hotel I've probably ever stayed in. And I've been to the Ritz.

It's like living in your own private resort, complete with things that make the average spa look like a kiddie pool.

Just imagine mingling with the elite of New England. Picture yourself kicking it with tech titans, industry moguls, or even local celebrities like Steve Carell or Susan Sarandon.

Can you picture it? Dropping by Susan's place to borrow some sugar, and next thing you know, you're besties chatting about what it was like to film with Richard Gere?

It's the stuff dreams are made of, guys. Buying 50 millions dollar homes and living in a world where casual conversations with royalty are just part of the daily routine.

So I welcome you behind the curtain to take a look at Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Rhode Island's most expensive homes below. The list goes from the "cheapest" to the most expensive!

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