Tourists are awesome. They help generate revenue in our economy, support small and local business, promote our local culture, and much more. They play an important role in supporting the economy of all of our cities.

Maine is known for it's awesome attractions, views, rocky shoreline, and incredible people. Acadia, Portland, Bar Harbor are just a few of the more popular tourist cities that Maine is known for. But the whole state is noteworthy.

If you are a born and bred Mainer sometimes you can tell someone is a tourist from a hundred feet away. But other times, you need to look a little deeper.

The first thing that stands out to me is the accent. When I first moved to Maine all I had to do was say one sentence and everyone knew I wasn't from here. I remember one instance when I was a little girl at a "welcome to the neighborhood" party and I asked for a glass of water.

But because of the way I pronounced the word water, like "wooder" because I was from Pennsylvania, no one knew what I meant. I was so thirsty.

Suffice it to say, accents are a big signal to if you are a tourist.


Another sign to me: What The Shuck?

You know a tourist is close by when they have no idea how to shuck a lobster, open a clam, or take a part any type of seafood. The sign is in their face when they are staring blankly at the tools for shucking.

Below are 25 of the ways that Mainer's can tell if you are a tourist.

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