Are your taxes done yet?

I feel like such an adult. My taxes were done and mailed off two weeks ago. It's such a gratifying feeling to have it all done. It's also bittersweet, because I always have to write a check to someone. It's either the IRS, or the state. Of course, I always have to write one too, to the person who does my taxes.

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I figure for the most part, there's two kinds of Mainers when it comes to taxes. You're either part of the group that starts gathering the info the second you have access to your W2's, or you get it done in a panic a week before. I suppose maybe there are some people who are in between, but that's just so rare, hahaha.

Some Mainers qualify for an automatic extension.

It's Tax Time Again!

Maine has taken a beating the last several months, weather-wise. Floods galore, wind storms knocking power out for days, on more than one occasion. Because of this, back at the beginning of the year, the Internal Revenue Service announced some tax relief for Mainers affected by this severe weather.

Sara Robinson

In many areas of the state, Cumberland, Hancock, Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, Waldo, Washington and York counties, you could get an automatic extension. This would push the basic due date back to July 15th, as opposed to this coming Monday, April 15th. There are other perks as well, for folks file quarterly, etc.

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It would be a whole lot better, if there were some more tax incentives for people who suffered major property damage, or something like that, allowing them to take some more time to rebuild. But at least this will give folks who need it, some more time to get their paperwork squared away. Take your gifts from the government when you can get them!

I wonder what taxes look like for these folks...?

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