My absolute favorite bar in Portland, Maine, needs your help! This is such a cool story coming out of Massachusetts and making its way into Maine. The power of social media can truly be daunting at times, but it can also be amazing when used correctly. I would say that this is one of those times where it's being used correctly, and I'm really excited for them if this works:

Alright guys, let's do what Mainer's do and make this happen! This might be a job for tourists as well, considering $3 Dewey's is a staple in the city as a "must-visit". I'm wondering if you or anybody you know has visited Portland around the early 1980s when they first opened their doors, and took a photo for the memories. Such a simple photo would mean everything to them. Here's a photo reference:
As a former Dewey's bartender, this bar holds a very special place in my heart. Beyond the wild amount of history it holds, I've also met some of my very best friends working at this bar, and would love to see my former coworkers find some closure.
Like their Facebook quotes, you can either bring your copy of the photo to the bar OR submit a digital copy to our “History of $3 Deweys” webpage. On another note, you can also message me on instagram @krissytradio if you have any other type of lead that I can pass on to the Dewey's gals & pals!

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