If the Food Network says it's true, it's gotta be true right? Maine is such a foodie town that it comes to no surprise that the Food Network is picking up some of our best local food places.

According to NECN, back in 2009, the Food Network had mentioned a cute little place called Owls Head General Store as having the  top burger in the state.

NECN also got all the inside details of the place that holds the best burger title in the state. Here's the backstory to where it stands today,

"After months of work, a 27-year-old Massachusetts woman turned Maine resident has revived the home of Maine's best burger.

In 2009, Food Network ranked the Seven Napkin Burger at the Owls Head General Store as top in the state.

Eleven years later, you can get that burger again, thanks to Maya Newsam.

In a twist of fate, Newsam purchased the store this spring after getting laid off due to the coronavirus pandemic from a restaurant in Beverly, Massachusetts. She reopened it after years of the business being shuttered".

Okay so don't yell at me for this one, but I love a good Five Guys cheeseburger and was so upset when they closed the location on Fore Street in Portland that stayed open until 2 AM for all the late night drunk munchers.

But if we're talking more local burgers that aren't from a chain restaurant, then I'm giving my vote to Great Lost Bear, who has never once been able to disappoint me with their chicken or beef dishes.

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