Gross? Or kinda interesting? This is one of those things where I'd have to be drunk first in order to try a shot of this Dorito-flavored alcohol. Then I'd pray it wouldn't ruin my favorite chips, cool ranch Doritos (don't even fight me on that).

According to, Empirical Spirits teamed up with Doritos to make their nacho chips into alcohol.

"For $65, you, too, can drink liquor that tastes and smells like cheese dust. You don't get orange stains on your fingers, though we have no promises about your lips."

I have mixed feelings right about now, but they're not bad feelings. I think I'm a bit confused as to how to consume this unique creation the correct way without cringing.

Where can you buy Doritos Liquor?

Mainers, it is time to shine. The wait is over, as the Empirical x Doritos collab is now available for delivery on Empirical's website.

What would you add into Doritos nacho chips as a mixer to make it remotely bearable? What mixes well with liquid cheese...soda water? The more I talk about it, the more my curiosity is taking over, making me want to try it. If there's anywhere that this cheesy alcohol could sell, my guess is it would be in Maine.

It's like skipping the drunk munchies and putting it into your drink instead. You can get drunk off your favorite drunk snack. Again, gross? Or interesting? I'm going with interesting at this point.

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