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Jo Koy is one of the most popular comedians in the world right now. So much so that he's fresh off his stint of hosting the 2024 Golden Globe Awards.

Jo is also no stranger to New England, constantly returning to the area to perform over the last few years. More specifically, back in September 2021, Jo performed to a sold out crowd in Portland, Maine, at the Cross Insurance Arena for his Just Kidding World Tour.

And Jo thought Maine was so nice, he's going to do it twice, because he's headed back to the Cross Insurance Arena on November 14, 2024, for his Just Being Koy Tour.

Jo Koy Chelsea Handler

Now, not to open up old wounds, but a few years back, Jo Koy was linked to dating fellow comedian Chelsea Handler in a relationship that seemed like it would go the distance.

Unfortunately, even though it seemed like an amicable split and both comedians support each other both career-wise and in general as humans, according to People, Jo and Chelsea ended up splitting in July 2022.

But there's one link to Maine that both Jo and Chelsea have together, based on his last stop in Portland.

Getty Images / Google Maps
Getty Images / Google Maps

Jo Koy Comedy Show Special Guests

If you know, you know, that back in September 2021 when Jo performed in Portland, he had a massive surprise for the Cross Insurance Arena crowd:

His then-girlfriend, Chelsea Handler.

It was a real quick, unadvertised set from Chelsea to warm the crowd up for Jo to take the stage, but it set the precedent that when it comes to Jo Koy in Maine, expected the unexpected.

And with Jo making his way back to the Cross Insurance Arena on Thursday, November 14, 2024, should we expect the unexpected again? Because, if so...

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