John Cena

Outside of being one of the biggest superstars to come out of New England, between his legendary, future hall-of-fame WWE career, as well as all of his Hollywood endeavors over the years, John Cena has always been considered one of the most professional celebrities period.

John Cena And Make-A-Wish Celebrate His 500th Wish Granting Milestone
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John Cena Make A Wish

For years, outside of any WWE appearances where he wears his merchandise, John has been seen in nothing but the most classy, upscale, custom designer suits. And along with always displaying complete professionalism as one of Hollywood's "good boys," he's always done good human things.

Back in 2015, he was honored for granting 500 Make-A-Wish wishes, which would eventually send him on the path of officially setting the world record for the feat back in 2022, according to Sports Illustrated, after he granted his 650th wish.

However, lately, it seems like his behavior couldn't be further from that version of himself.

Getty Images / enews via Instagram / Canva
Getty Images / enews via Instagram / Canva

John Cena OnlyFans

It was only a couple of weeks ago where John Cena, very uncharacteristically, annoyed that he had created an OnlyFans account with a free subscription.

And, following his announcement of the creation of the account, he started posting links on his X account plugging what his latest videos were, none of which can really be written here, but here are some edited versions of posts:

John Cena via X
John Cena via X

John Cena Oscars

Fast forward to last night, where, during the Oscars, when it would be expected that he would normally be in an earlier mentioned custom designer suit, he appeared on camera to introduce the Oscar winner for Costume Design without a costume himself.

Because, other than a conveniently placed envelope marking the name of the category, he was completely naked.

John Cena Ricky Stanicky

And, truly, you have to give John credit for pulling one of the most masterful publicity stunts ever for his brand new movie which dropped on Prime Video over the weekend, Ricky Stanicky.

And, based on the post John tossed on his Instagram over the weekend, it seems like the uncharacteristic actions paid off, as just a couple days after its release, Ricky Stanicky was named the #1 streamed movie in the country.

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