Maine’s Julia Gagnon came so close to becoming the next American Idol.

It's been a pleasure watching 22-year-old Julia Gagnon grow as a singer and performer. She made it to the Top 7, but the history major still in college from Cumberland, Maine, did not make it into the Top 5.

Julia Gagnon Facebook
Julia Gagnon Facebook

Last night, the Top 7 performed songs of the incredible Adele! Before they tackled that voice, they got to do a fun dance song. Julia is a fan of the B-52s, and did one of my favorite songs, "Roam".

Then it was on to Adele. Julia sang "Set Fire to the Rain", and it was great! As the judges said, it's exactly what Adele would have wanted on her birthday. Yes! Adele turned 36 on Cinco De Mayo!

I'm not even related to Julia, yet I was on pins and needles waiting to see if she made it into the Top 5! It was down to three, and unfortunately, our favorite Julia Gagnon didn't make it. But there are great things planned for Julia.

Since the beginning of Idol in 2002, the top five to 12 have gone on tour. She could make around $150,000 for six months of work. I hope she gets to tour and have the time of her life. This Maine girl has the pipes and likability to go a whole lot further beyond American Idol!

Thank you, Julia, for making American Idol so exciting to watch this year. You have made lifelong fans.

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