We're just days away from what many people consider the start of the most amazing time of year, with families, friends, and friends that are family gathering to share food, drinks, laughs, and smiles, between Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year's Eve.

And, while in a perfect world, these next 5-6 weeks would be ones where everyone, everywhere, thrives, that's not reality. Reality has the same exact time that brings so much joy to peoples' lives, bringing so much heartache and emptiness to others' lives at the same time.

Thankfully, celebrities like Jewel are here to help people through such heartache, emptiness, and darkness.

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While singer Jewel has been focused on mental health for a while now through her Never Broken Foundation, according to an article in People, this is the second year that Jewel has championed a specific mental health challenge around the holidays.

Dubbed the Not Alone Challenge, Jewel's mission is to remind people that regardless of the holiday season or not, even though they may feel they are, no one is ever truly alone, as well as promoting mental health resources.

The challenge sees a lot of celebrity support on social media, from A-listers like Kelly Clarkson to a local Maine-born celebrity chef seen countless times on the Food Network, usually on Guy Fieri-hosted shows.

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Chef Beau MacMillan

Also known by his nickname, BeauMac, according to his IMDb page, Chef Beau MacMillan was born in Portland, Maine, and his Food Network bio flexes on all of his New England ties; including growing up in Plymouth, Massachusetts, attending Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, and landing his first culinary job at Crane Brook Tea Room in Carver, Massachusetts.

Chef BeauMac may be most easily recognized by his countless appearances on Food Network, ranging from shows like Chopped and The Next Iron Chef, to Guy's Grocery Games and Tournament of Champions, but now, BeauMac can be recognized as one of the latest celebrities not only accepting Jewel's #NotAloneChallenge, but also challenging his celebrity chef peers to join the movement, as well.

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