Maine Ice Storm of 2024

We're barely a week and a half removed from the Ice Storm of 2024 -- a storm which some (not all, don't get angry) have called the Ice Storm of 1998, Part 2 -- which saw over 180,000 Maine homes lose power.

Melody Pierce
Melody Pierce

For some Maine residents and business owners, it was 24 hours or less before power was restored for them. For others, around 48 hours.

And for the very unlucky group, it was upwards of 4-5 days due to more complex problems like downed trees completely obliterating power lines or just completely uprooting utility poles.

(Although, ironically, in come cases, downed trees were used to hold power lines up, as shown in a video posted by popular Maine TikToker, Meredith Steele.)

Maine April Snowstorm

In what is very annoyingly NOT dedication to a very elaborate April Fool's prank, all of our skilled, respected, and knowledgeable meteorologists throughout Maine are predicting a massive snowstorm that will kick off in the evening hours of Wednesday, April 3, 2024, and last all the way through the morning hours on Friday, April 5.

And, based on various snow maps posted by stations like CBS 13 and meteorologists like Keith Carson of NEWS CENTER Maine, this won't be just a quick April flurry. Inland areas of Maine and especially headed west toward the mountains will get pounded with well over a foot of snow.

Maine Power Outages Expected

Along with massive amounts of snow, stations throughout Maine are also reporting that this storm comes with the combination of wet, heavy snow and strong winds, which doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how annoying of a combination that is.

Because, just like the ice storm 10 days ago combined with the high winds that Saturday evening wiped out a ton of homes and businesses, the same is expected to happen over the next couple of days from this storm.

Eivaisla / Canva
Eivaisla / Canva

While at the time of this writing, Central Maine Power has yet to mention anything about the impending storm, it's only a matter of time before they send their usual alert to customers that the incoming storm is creating the expectation of multiple outages throughout the state, and they'll have workers in position to restore any and all outages as quickly as possible.

A massive thank you in advance to CMP workers and any other companies that pitch in to help what looks like could be another massive round of outages to hit the state.

And while their outage alert hasn't yet hit customers, you can stay ahead of the game and prep for what seems like an all-but-guaranteed outage with CMP's storm safety checklist.

Stay safe, Maine!

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