Any time you tell an out-of-towner that you live in Maine, their response is always "How's-tha-haaaah-bah up there?", or worse, "Ohhhh, what's up Bub?". Granted, I do have some redneck friends who live up north that do casually say "What's up Bub", but out-of-towners are not qualified, nor do they have the right to use that word, HAHA.

Anyways, I asked our Facebook audience about words that are constantly mispronounced by people who aren't from Maine, and here are their responses. Of course, the first one was Bangor, a town in Maine that's constantly being fought over on how to properly say it.

Here are five of the most popular mispronounced words picked by Mainers:

Tony Elias: "Across. It’s just across. No -ed or -t at the end. Please"
Tina Eaton-Walker: "Topsham! TopSHAM.. lol"
Craig R Densmore: "Bangor."
Sarah Tanguay: "Saco"
Jessica Jones: "I don’t know if this counts but they say Portland when they talk about South Portland"

Here's five more really good submissions by B98.5:

Minot Is Pronounced (My-nuht) not (Min-ute) or (Min-noh)

Ogunquit is Pronounced (o-GUN-quit) not (OW-gun-quit)

Smyrna is Pronounced (SMer-Na) not (Smear-na)

Medomak is pronounced (Muh-DOM-ick) not (Med-O-mack)

Katahdin is Pronounced (Kuh-TA-din) not (Kat-ah-DIN)

To be totally fair though, I live in Maine, and those last five town names would get me too. Gotta be honest here.

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