Maine’s Julia Gagnon has a great chance to be the next American Idol.

22-year-old Julia Gagnon wowed the judges during the audition phase of American Idol to the point of winning a platinum ticket. This means that the 22-year-old college student from Cumberland, Maine, got to skip right to the singing competition. From there, she hasn't looked back! Julia got the votes to get her to the top 24!

Julia Gagnon American Idol Facebook
Julia Gagnon American Idol Facebook

For three hours on Sunday, April 14, America watched as the group of 24 was whittled down ever-so slowly to the top 20. Julia was with two other singers when she got the news that yes, she made it! It was very emotional for Julia (and anyone watching) as she went on to sing again. This time, it was Fantasia's "I Believe". She left the audience on their feet, and judge Katy Perry was left in tears.

Julia got the news that she made it to the top 14 based on that performance and our votes! She sang Jelly Roll's "I Need a Favor" in celebration, and she killed it! She was amazing, and still needs our votes to keep going!

How can I vote for Mainer Julia Gagnon?

Voting is very important!  Without your vote, Julia could be sent home. Voting starts on Sunday nights at 8 p.m., with the results on Monday. If you are dedicated, you can vote up to 30 times for a contestant (Julia), 10 times online, 10 on the American Idol app, or text your vote 10 times. Voting ends the following morning. It's actually up to us to help her fulfill her destiny!

All of Maine has your back, Julia!

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