What would you do if you won the lottery?

For one lucky New Hampshire resident, that dream became a reality when they won the Tri-State Megabucks jackpot prize of $13.9 million for the drawing on March 4, 2024, according to an April press release from the New Hampshire Lottery.

The winner recently claimed the sweet prize as a one-time cash payment of $6.25 million (still a big number, right?), but good luck guessing who that person might be.

The press release revealed that while the winner is from the Granite State, they chose to claim their prize through a trust facilitated by McLane Law Firm.

Seems like a smart move whether you've won a few million or whether you've won a billion. Winning that kind of money could make you a target not just from outsiders but even friends and family coming out of the woodwork hoping for a handout.

Or is that too cynical?

According to the Keene Sentinal, there are only a handful of places where a person from that state has the legal right to remain anonymous such as Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.

However, for New Hampshire, establishing a trust, such as this recent winner, can help get around the public reveal.

There was even an instance where a woman in New Hampshire who won a $560 million Powerball jackpot in 2018 had signed her ticket before realizing that would mean her name would become public, according to NPR. She had to go to court to fight to keep herself anonymous with the court ultimately ruling in her favor and allowing her to create a trust to claim the winnings on her behalf instead.

And remember when someone in Maine won the $1.3 billion Mega Millions jackpot? In that instance, according to an article from PBS, the winner collected "the cash option through a limited liability company, LaKoma Island Investments LLC, instead of receiving the full amount in payments over time."

So who knows? You might be friends, family, or a neighbor of a multi-million dollar lottery winner and not even realize it.

Milton Mart on 16 Commerce Way in Milton also gets $30,000 for selling the winning ticket, according to the lottery press release. So, not too shabby for them.

Would you be OK revealing you won millions of dollars in the lottery or would you rather remain anonymous and people not know?

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