Well, this is some sad news for people who live in the town of Windham. Patman's Redemption Center and Agency Liquor Store on 95 Tandberg Trail in Windham, Maine, has closed the redemption side of their business. However, the very popular liquor store will remain open.

In a post on their Facebook page on May 18, they announced that the redemption center is closed permanently because they don't have enough employees to keep the business running.

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"We appreciate everyone’s support over this long journey!", the post says.

If you have accounts still in our system we will be processing them onto slips and those will be available for pick up in our store next week. Thanks again to all our loyal customers.

Again, the Agency Liquor Store will stay open, and they have an amazing selection of adult beverages. It's my go-to when I'm looking to pick something up, and they always seem to have exactly what I'm looking for. Sometimes I even find something I didn't know I was looking for.

So what should Windham residents do with their returns? Clynk is an option for some, and is right down the road at Hannaford Supermarket. You'll have to create a Clynk account and buy the bags, but they're reasonable at $2.49 for 10.

Many residents commented on the post, saying that they don't want to pay for the Clynk bags, so one person recommended The Outback Bottle Redemption at 1261 Roosevelt Trail in Raymond. No bags to purchase, but you'll probably want some garbage bags to load up depending on how much you drink.

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