How's that saying go? "You don't know what you've got till it's gone?" I'm about to sound dramatic, but it's true. Yesterday, while I was romping around in Kennebunkport, Maine (one of my favorite places), I told my friend I wanted to stop into Pilot House, one of the more popular dive bars on the strip. The lady next to me overheard me, and stopped to let me know that it's no longer open, and was recently torn down.

I can't even explain the immediate rush of sadness that came over me, thinking about the memories I had in that bar. So I had to get to work and research if this info was actually true. Where am I gonna watch live music outside on a dock in the summertime now?!

The answer is yes, the town did tear it down. But there's also a positive plot twist.

According to, the Spirit of Massachusetts (the floating boat bar tied up in the harbor) is under the same ownership as the Pilot House, who intend to re-construct everything. So yes, it is torn down as of last summer, but the hope is also to re-build it back up again.

The owners of Pilot House and the Spirit of Massachusetts in Lower Village are proposing a contract zone that would allow them to demolish and replace the restaurant and bring the vessel out of the water, onto the property for dining. – thepressherald.

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