When the weather forecast called for nasty weather on Thursday and Friday of last week, it wasn't looking good for the home opener for the Portland Sea Dogs. That held true, as Maine got dumped on with anywhere from 6 to 20+ inches of snow.

The worst part is that it was heavy, wet snow that brought down a lot of power lines. At one point, over half of the population of Maine was without power as CMP worked diligently with out-of-state linesmen to restore power as quickly as they could.

The Sea Dogs ended up postponing the April 5 and 6 games due to the storm. With that snow on the ground, you would think that the game on Sunday the 7th would be postponed as well, but the amazing Sea Dogs ground crew was not going to have any of that.

Take a look at the before photo of Hadlock Field on Thursday, April 5.

Portland Sea Dogs via Facebook
Portland Sea Dogs via Facebook

Now here's what it looked like on Sunday, April 7.

Portland Sea Dogs via Facebook
Portland Sea Dogs via Facebook

You wouldn't have even known that it snowed just two days before! On Sunday, the Sea Dogs took the field to start the season at Hadlock thanks to the hardworking grounds crew. They are experts in their craft, and you might almost say they're miracle workers.

The stands weren't full, but the diehard fans were there to root for the Sea Dogs.

Unfortunately, the Sea Dogs lost to Hartford 1-0. If you're at Hadlock, a win is nice, but watching local baseball win or lose is always a good time.

If you have tickets for the April 5 or 6 postponed games, the Sea Dogs will exchange them for tickets to any Sea Dogs home game this season. The postponed games will be played as double headers on May 21 at 6:00 p.m., and May 24 at 4:30 p.m.

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