Rockland has had some interesting break-ins recently.

First, on Thanksgiving Day, a deer broke through the glass window of T.J. Maxx and caused some damage before eventually being helped out of the store unharmed. Video of the fawn was caught by surveillance cameras. Then there was another break-in on Tuesday, November 28, around 9:30 pm.

The burglar does a Benny Hill comedy act while trying to steal cigarettes.

This was not a sweet lost fawn at the Maine Smoke Shop on Park Street in Rockland. This was a robber trying to steal cigarettes by the carton. It did not go well. It went so poorly that it actually looks like a comedy routine. When I first watched the Rockland Police Department's video, I had the sound off. Mistake! Turn the volume up and enjoy.

According to the Rockland Police Facebook post,

Thankfully the alarm, quick response by law enforcement, and the suspect's own lack of coordination limited the loss of product, though a significant amount of damage was done. The music was added for effect and with the victim's consent, and though this is very much NOT a joking matter, we also feel that sometimes humor is the best way to bring light to an otherwise very sad and upsetting situation.

I agree that the music makes the video, but it also makes this incredibly sharable. Because police do need your help in finding out who this is. I hope the burglar realizes the error of their way and pursues their true talent of comedy.

Anyone with information or to leave a tip, please contact Det. Sgt. Max King at MKING@ROCKLANDMAINE.GOV / (207) 594-0316 EXT. 231.

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