Portland, Maine, Time and Temp Building

It's been almost a centerpiece of the Portland, Maine, skyline, for the last six decades. According to Down East Magazine, the Time and Temperature Building in Monument Square -- as we know it now, complete with tri-panel electronic sign -- first lit up the sky in 1964.

Since then, it has displayed multiple messages, including YELO BAN for a winter parking ban, BUY LOCL to encourage shopping at local Portland businesses -- especially on Small Business Saturday during the holidays -- CANS to promote the annual Cans for a Cure event to raise money for the Maine Cancer Foundation, and countless more.

But there's one message that has become almost as iconic of a part of the Portland skyline as the Time and Temp building itself, which led to a question on Facebook that went viral.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Joe Bornstein

If you've visited Portland enough, lived in Maine long enough, or even have relatives or friends around here, then you're definitely familiar with the name Joe Bornstein, and familiar with one of the most frequently flashed messages on the Time and Temp Building.


And it was that very message that led to a post being tossed up in the Portland, Maine group on Facebook that led to a comments section that not only went viral, but led to -- in true Maine fashion -- some hilarious and sarcastic Mainer messages.

Portland, Maine Group via Facebook
Portland, Maine Group via Facebook

'Think it's up there by accident.'

'He’s got money and knows how to advertise. Better call Joe!'

'Do you remember calling the time and temperature phone number 775-4321. I just checked it and it still works.'

'775-4321 is still my fake number I give out.'

'...he's a Portland Legend call him you won't be disappointed.'

'I think it’s gampa joe.'

'It’s your ex and he wants you back.'

'He means business!'

Unfortunately, Joe passed away back in October 2020, but his memory lives on through the Time and Temperature Building sign -- mainly because, according to Down East Magazine, it's the phone number to the still-operating Joe Bornstein law firm.

207-CALL-JOE -- tell them you mean business!

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