Donut Love Closing All New Hampshire Locations

Donut Love has announced the closing of all three of their locations in Exeter, North Hampton, and Newmarket, New Hampshire.  The Newmarket location just had a grand opening in February.  Their last day was Friday, April 12, 2024.

According to their website, if you have a gift certificate, they say to contact them and they will take care of you. Just email them at

Goodwin Family Management, the owners of Donut Love, have several other brands, including the Friendly Toast.  See their website for more information on that.

The donuts they offered were as yummy as they looked and boy, did they LOOK good.  I don't know who took the pictures of their product, but they knew what they were doing.  Every photo was artfully arranged, and made me wanna bite right in every time.

This picture was posted on April 8, 2024.  It's a lemon-berry filled donut and was supposed to be their special of the month.

Facebook/Donut Love
Facebook/Donut Love

This was their last post, just two days before they closed:

It does not seem like something they intended to do at all. With the opening of the Newmarket location not long ago and the activity on their social media right up until the day they closed, it doesn't make sense.  I really hope all is well with Eric and Tyler, and I am hoping they will re-open next door to my house.  That would be amazing.

Maybe it was just a matter of finances?  That happens sometimes.

I'm gonna miss those bad boys.

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