When a business opens, especially a small one, it's easy to get excited for a new adventure away from bigger stores and national chains. Don't get me wrong, we clearly love those, too, but those mom and pops are exhilarating and that's what this is.

Welcome to the neighborhood Custom Collectables. It's a boutique furniture store filled with home decor big and small along with unique furniture, restoration, and up cycling. So whether you want distinctive, custom pieces or want to buy something off the floor already finished, or look at unfinished  pieces, Custom Collectables lives by it's name.

The owners, Scott & Wendy started Custom Collectibles to showcase their creativity and expert craftsmanship according to their website. They love repurposing, reusing, and recycling vintage pieces whether it's furniture and other items they find or yours. Oh, they also have unfinished pieces you can look at and customize with Scott and Wendy. 

Upcycling furniture with "good Bones" breathes a second life into them. Beautiful arrays of  real wood & original quality artisanship lends itself to each custom designed piece they reinvent for your home.

You can simply stop by and do some shopping or set up a free consultation to talk about furniture or items in your home.

I first noticed it in downtown Dover where it sits on the corner of Washington Street and Central Avenue. It's filled with treasures that you won't find anywhere else. Scott and Wendy told me that the piece can even be in perfect shape and you just want to change it up a bit.

According to the website, whether the furniture is traditional, art deco, industrial, rustic, modern, or timeless they can work with it.

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