Candy Sold in New England Contains Red #3

It really doesn't matter where you shop here in New England. From grocery stores in Presque Isle, Maine, down to the very tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to Stamford, Connecticut, and everywhere in between, Red #3 is in many different types of candy.

But it was banned in California in 2023, according to NPR.

The news site noted in another article that the additive has been linked to a number of diseases, including cancer.

Pez Candy, for Instance, Contains Red #3

Here in New England, it was a "thing" to collect Pez dispensers when we were kids.  That was one of their selling points.

They would put different characters on the Pez container, you'd eat the candy, keep the dispenser, and repeat until you had a respectable collection of Pez containers.

Little did we know, we got more than a sugar high.  

According to Pez, many of their Pez candies contain Red 3, in addition to other food dyes that are not healthy for you, like Yellow #5, Yellow #6 and Blue #2.

I have suspected for many, many years that there must be something in our food supply that could make us sick. When I was growing up, it felt like you rarely heard of anyone with cancer.  Today, however, it seems that more people either have cancer themselves or know someone with it. Right?

So, it really comes as no surprise to me to find out that Red Dye #3 may be linked to cancer. It's just unfortunate that it's still in a number of foods and candies like Pez. reported that the FDA found that Red #3 is an "animal carcinogen, causing tumors in rats."

And did you know that, according to, Red #3 derives from petroleum? How much more do we need to stop consuming this stuff?

Red #3 Was Banned in Cosmetics in 1990

As if that's not bad enough, Red #3 was banned from cosmetics in 1990, according to consumer reports.  BUT, it's still allowed in the food industry.

How on God's green Earth does this make any sense at all?  It's not good for cosmetics because of the aforementioned rat tumors, but it's okay to eat it?  Who made that decision?

Is this surprising to you that Red Dye #3 is still in our food supply? Will it be banned in more states than California in the future?

Candies That Are Affected By the Controversial Red Dye 3

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