Earthquake in New Jersey

There was an earthquake on Friday morning, April 5, that hit New Jersey, but could be felt in New Hampshire towns like Keene, New Boston, Hinsdale, Nashua, Charlestown, and others, according to WMUR.

Earthquakes Are More Common Than You Think in New Hampshire

Earthquakes are more common here in New Hampshire than you would probably expect.  There have been significant quakes here dating back to the 17th century, according to, with an average magnitude of 4.6 - 6.0.  Lucky for us, this range wouldn't create too much damage.  According to, a 6.0 would only do minor damage to structures.

The New Hampshire Seacoast Will Feel It

If you live on the coast of New Hampshire, you may see some fierce ocean activity because of this.  When the Earth moves, the ocean follows.  After the storm we just had over the past day and half, living on the ocean hasn't been as lovely as it normally is.

I remember being in California with all four of our kids on the 18th floor of a hotel in Los Angeles when all of a sudden, the room started to shake.  I mean, it was scary.  The lamps on the desks started to wobble, one of the pieces of art on the wall came down, and to say that I was terrified is an understatement.  One of the kids, the 16-year-old, thought it was cool.  I'm not sure she realized that we could have been smothered to death in a pile of rubble.  I was very glad that it stopped after only a few seconds.

Have you ever felt an earthquake here in New Hampshire?

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