If you are a female who rides a motorcycle, you might be used to feeling like a bit of a unicorn, depending on where you live. In Southern New Hampshire, it is far more common to see ladies who ride. And may I just say, they look like baddies while doing it.

A Reddit user popped into the New Hampshire subreddit group and said that she was new(ish) to Southern New Hampshire. She rides a Honda CBR650R, and wanted to know if there are any groups in the area for women motorcyclists. She's interested in connecting with like-minded women and creating new friendships.

My first thought was that there should be a dating-style app that connects female riders with each other based on their proximity. OBVIOUSLY someone already thought of this, and there are a few apps for this very purpose. One is called Women Who Ride, and the other is called The Litas.

Women list the type of bike they ride, their skill level, the type of riding (and pace) they enjoy, and the app connects them with other riders they would be compatible with. How lucky are we to live in an age where there is literally an app for everything?


Women on Wheels is an organization founded in 1982 that "serves to unite all-female motorcycle enthusiasts while promoting a positive image of the motorcycling lifestyle." I was SHOCKED to see there are currently no active chapters in New Hampshire. We need to change that! There is an active chapter on the North Shore of Massachusetts that might be doable for a Southern New Hampshire rider.

The 603 Riders group has a lot of female members, but is not exclusively for females.

Someone on the Reddit thread said there is a Southern New Hampshire group called ‘SHE rides 603’. NOW WE'RE COOKING! The Facebook group's description says it all:

This one is for the ladies only for 603 ladies No drama No boys ��� only chill rides scenic rides and smooth meets ALL LEVEL RIDERS WELCOME

Are we missing any exclusive riding groups for female motorcyclists? Let us know in the comments! I'm wishing you safe rides this summer, ladies, with minimal helmet hair.

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