For several decades in Auburn, there was occasionally a sweet scent in the air that drew you in. Think about like an old Looney Tunes cartoon. That scent was coming from the small shop at 144 Mill Street that belonged to a mom and pop doughnut shop known as Jake and Andy's. While the operation may have been small, the product felt other-worldly. Ask anyone who's ever devoured a Jake and Andy's honey dip doughnut and they'll all tell you the same thing, "it was the best in the world".

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Perhaps Jake and Andy's was inspired by Krispy Kreme, who didn't make their way to the northeast until recently, but one of the "secrets" to enjoying a honey dip from Jake and Andy's was getting there when they were hot and fresh. The doughnuts would be hanging, with the sugary goodness literally dripping off of them as they were being packed away for a to-go order. And it didn't matter if you inhaled it in the parking lot or back at home, the honey dip donuts from Jake and Andy's would melt in your mouth.

Sure, Jake and Andy's had other delicious treats too. Some folks in Lewiston and Auburn couldn't get enough of their bismarcks but nothing truly compared to a honey dip doughnut. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and Jake and Andy's eventually closed up shop, retiring in 2001. The building that housed them for many years was bought by the Great Falls Model Railroad Club where it continues to operate.

As for Jake and Andy's, all we have left is memories. And those memories still taste great.

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