I don't mean to be dramatic, but "I'm not a breakfast person" might be the most offensive phrase someone can utter in my presence. What do you mean you aren't a breakfast person?! It's not a hot take that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

If a place is kind enough to offer breakfast well beyond the conventional breakfast hours, I think it's DISRESPECTFUL to not take them up on that offer. Who doesn't want a fat stack of pancakes at 2pm on a Sunday?!

MSN respects the most important meal of the day, and pinpointed the best hole-in-the-wall places to get breakfast in each state. They are doing the Lord's work.

The results were gathered from reviews on Yelp and Tripadvisor, recommendations, and rankings from local food experts.

The restaurant chosen for New Hampshire is far from your classic traditional breakfast spot. They think well outside the English muffin, and are always hitting us with creative concoctions and new, unique twists on traditional breakfast dishes.

This Restaurant Was Voted the Best Place to Grab Breakfast in New Hampshire

The restaurant MSN picked as the best place for breakfast in New Hampshire is none other than Fat Dog Kitchen, located in the heart of downtown Dover.

"Come as friends, leave as family!" is a mantra of this spot. Fat Dog Kitchen serves breakfast throughout the day, and their outdoor seating is even pet-friendly.

Some of their claims to fame are the Captain’s French Toast, which is exactly what it sounds like: French toast dipped in Captain Crunch cereal. Then you have the Fat Elvis, which comes stuffed with peanut butter and bananas, and topped with bananas and candied bacon. And DO NOT SLEEP on the Fluffernutter French Toast:

People also love something called the "Cee Cee", and others have said their corn beef hash is the best they've had in years.

The menu is funky and inventive! They always try new and creative things with their daily specials, and the food is somehow still reasonably-priced. They also put genuine effort into their vegetarian options, so you can tell those dishes aren't an afterthought.

Haven't been? You must experience Fat Dog Kitchen for yourself! Go visit them at their brand-new space at 99 Oak Street in Dover:

Fat Dog Kitchen via Facebook
Fat Dog Kitchen via Facebook

What is your favorite breakfast spot in New Hampshire?

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