"Pay it forward" is a good motto to live by, so when a random act of kindness gets noticed, it can be good or bad for the person doing the giving.

Case in point with this exchange that happened this week in Rockland, Massachusetts.

A woman named Ashley Goodrow went to the counter to buy $7 in gas at a local Citgo.  The man next to her asked "Did you just ask for $7 in gas?", to which she replied that it was all she could afford. In response, the kind stranger handed her a $100 bill.

The two exchanged a little more conversation, as Goodrow explained she was having some health issues and has two children at home.  The man told her that everyone could use a little help every now and then, and that she was just at the right place at the right time.  He then handed her another $100 bill, and drove away.


Goodrow never got his name, as it all unfolded so quickly and she was so surprised.

Now it's her mission to find the man and personally thank him for making a difference in her life.  "He's really was my angel. He was amazing", she told WHDH Boston Channel 7. She has also reached out on Facebook to try and find him.

The next time you get in line and see that someone needs a little help, don't be afraid to set forth a random act of kindness.   A little to you means a lot to someone else.

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