I have a friend who's attempting to visit every national park in America with her father.  It's kind of like wanting to visit every baseball park, and as American as apple pie.

If you are searching for your next great adventure to a national park, there's good news for 2024.  The National Park Service has certain dates in 2024 when national parks are free with no admission fee.

According to nps.gov, here are the six days of free admission to most all of the national parks:

Monday, January 15 — Martin Luther King Jr. Day (which has passed) but looking ahead:
Saturday, April 20 — First Day of National Park Week
Wednesday, June 19 — Juneteenth
Sunday, August 4 — The Great American Outdoors Act
Saturday, September 28 — National Public Lands Day
Monday, November 11 — Veterans Day

Nanda Firdaus via Unsplash.com
Nanda Firdaus via Unsplash.com/Acadia National Park

You can plan your trip around these free days, or any time the parks are open.

Maine's Acadia National Park is participating, as well as New Hampshire's Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park and Massachusetts' Adams National Historic Park and Cape Cod National Seashore.

Always check the national park site for the latest hours and conditions.  Go to nps.gov to look up specific parks, fees, and operating schedules.

National Parks are national treasures respecting the beauty and ecosystem of each park and its historical significance in America. So get out there and enjoy a national park any time of the year.

Moriah Wolfe via Unsplash.com/ Arches National Park, Utah
Moriah Wolfe via Unsplash.com/ Arches National Park

About a quarter of the National Parks do charge a fee, but most are already free.  If you are a senior age 62 or older, you can buy an annual pass to all parks for $20, or a lifetime pass to all parks for $80.   It depends on your travel plans, but take advantage of all the National Parks System has to offer.

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