It seems like malls are a dying industry, but that doesn't stop us from reminiscing about the good ol' glory days when they were the places to be.

Whether you visit malls all the time or once in a blue moon, there's something special about going inside one of these busy, bustling spaces and seeing people embarking on fun shopping sprees or enjoying food and ice cream.

LoveExploring shares a similar sentiment, having published this list of the best shopping malls in the nation. As it turns out, one of these places is right here in New England.

Now, you may be asking yourself, "Do we really have one of the best malls in the nation? Our malls do the job, but they're no Mall of America or Aventura Mall." 
You make a fair point, but here's the thing. The New England location recognized by LoveExploring isn't quite a 'mall', per se, but an outlet. The Lee Premium Outlets in Lee, Massachusetts, to be precise.


Google Street View
Google Street View
Yes, outlets are malls in their own right, but there are several differences. Most outlet stores have entrances accessible from the outside, whereas malls only have one main entryway. Outlets also tend to sell manufacturer-branded products at discount prices. Take the Kittery Outlets in Maine, for instance. Their brick-and-mortar stores represent countless famous brands like Adidas, American Eagle, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Talbots, and Yankee Candle.
So what is it about the Lee Premium Outlets that makes it one of the best malls in the nation? Here's what LoveExploring had to say:

Part of the Berkshires Resort Area of rolling green hills, parks and lakes, the wonderful Lee mall acts as the official visitor centre for the region. Designed to reflect its New England setting, the outdoor shopping village is the perfect place for travelers to the region to get their tax-free retail fix.

At the time of this writing, the Lee Premium Outlets are comprised of 59 stores, including Coach, Bath & Body Works, Levi's, Gap, Crocs, and Under Armour. To learn more about the various shopping and dining options, click here.

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