In recent years, Walmart has become a huge part of my life. It's my one-stop shop for grocery shopping (yes, I'm blessed enough to live near a supercenter), workout clothes there, and makeup. Now that I have a brand-new baby to dress, Gwen's wardrobe is practically made up entirely of clothes from Wally World.

Walmart Reports Strong Quarterly Earnings, Beating Expectations
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And GET THIS: I even get my nails done at Walmart. That's right, the one I go to on Lafayette Road in Portsmouth has a nail salon inside!

According to Walmart's Store Directory, there are 26 Walmart locations in the state of New Hampshire.

One big reason why Walmart is such a popular establishment is the incredible deals. We all want to feel like we are getting away with something! They have done away with their smiley face mascot who hops around the store rolling back prices, but his spirit still remains.

And who doesn't love a great deal ON TOP OF a deal provided by a magical coupon? Walmart had been known as a coupon-friendliest retailer, but I suppose all good things must come to an end at some point.

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According to Coupons in the News, Walmart has decided to crack down on their coupon policies.

So what are we saying goodbye to?

1. Bye-bye, overages and new identical coupon limits!

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This one hurts. Walmart was one of the few remaining stores that would match a coupon's full value regardless of the product's actual price. So if your coupon was worth more than the item you spent money on, you would get cash back! What a fool I have been for not taking advantage of this feature when I had the chance.

2. They are also limiting the amount of coupons a household can use per day to four.

3. You will no longer be allowed to use digital coupons on your phone.

4. Expired coupons will no longer be accepted (this one seems reasonable).

5. Coupons must match the product exactly. This means the product you are purchasing must match the size, color, brand, etc. on the coupon, or the coupon will not be accepted.

6. Only one manufacturer coupon per item will be accepted. If you have two coupons for Phillips products and you want to purchase a Phillips baby bottle warmer, you can only use one of those coupons towards your bottle warmer purchase.

7. Coupons MUST be scannable at the register. If they aren't, there is no longer a manual override for the coupon in question.

Check out the full report from Coupons in the News HERE.

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