Nothing makes me see red more than wasting money. I hate when I buy fruit or vegetables at the grocery store that appear to be in their prime, only to find they are wilted and rotting the next day. What the heck happened? I did everything right! Or so I thought.

I was over my best friend's house the other day, and she informed me that she wraps her green onions in a wet paper towel in the fridge, and it expands their life span significantly. It sounded like a load of TikTok hoopla to me, but I thought "Hey, don't knock it until you try it!" I gave it a whirl, and lo and behold, IT WORKED.

I then went on a little paper towel rabbit hole on the internet, and learned from Reader's Digest that if you line your entire crisper drawer with paper towels, it will help your vegetables stay fresh.

It went on to explain that if you line the crisper drawer with paper towels, it can help absorb the water that veggies release over time. But you must remember to replace the paper towels every time you get a fresh batch of produce, because of germs (I think).

This made sense to me. But then I came across another trend that had me scratching my head. Many people are opting to store their entire paper towel roll in the fridge. I couldn't help but wonder, "Isn't that taking up precious fridge real estate?"

The Pros Might Outweigh the Cons:

Home & Texture Magazine brings up some great uses for paper towels in the fridge that I had never thought of:

  • A cold paper towel can double as a soothing cold compress to help with things like fevers and sunburns.
  • It can help relieve puffy or swollen eyes in the mornings (NEW mom over here, I need all the help with under-eye bags I can get!).
  • It can help absorb odors and prevent condensation in the fridge (have you ever seen people leave an open can of baking soda in the fridge? This is kind of like that!).
  • It can help cool off beverages quickly. Wrap a chilled paper towel around a can and it will help cool it off faster.

Do you keep your paper towels in the fridge? Is it ludicrous or genius?

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