I thought we were all beer drinkers in New Hampshire. Guess not!

Wine is an acquired taste. I remember "trying" wine at family parties, again in college, after college, and even now. It really was not until my mid-twenties that I realized wine was good.

You can have a glass or two, get a very warm and fun buzz, and be done. Or you can turn that one or two glasses into three or four, but that is going to be one nasty headache in the morning.

Wine is the second most-consumed alcohol worldwide, only behind beer. Well, apparently Granite Staters are boosting the numbers in the wine category.

Getty Images, Canva
Getty Images, Canva

I saw a report from a Vine Pair article that listed New Hampshire as the third largest consumer of wine in the United States.

On average, residents in New Hampshire will consume 3/4 of a gallon of wine per year.

I was blown away. Granted, when I go out to dinner with friends or family, the vast majority do drink wine. However, when I think of New Hampshire, I think of beer.

Well, apparently wine is being consumed in New Hampshire way more than I thought.

After seeing one report about the Granite State being in the top three states that consumed wine, I had to find a second source. Well, I did, and it is confirmed. Another report, from a Wise Voter article had New Hampshire as the state that consumed the second most wine in the country.

But what kind?

In New Hampshire, the most popular wines are Pinot Noirs, Malbecs, and Merlots, according to Wise Voter. Now I can get behind the Merlots, but I noticed they are all red. Perhaps the cold weather brings out the red for us winter warriors.

Massachusetts was the next New England state, coming in fifth and eighth place in the two reports.

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