Tons of Glastonbury fans and artists may have had a problem with Metallica's headlining gig at the annual music fest this past weekend, but one of the performers flipped the controversy. Jack White not only supported the metal titans' appearance, he pulled out a cover of their song 'Enter Sandman' during his set.

Cleverly inserting Metallica's 1991 hit into his own packed set, White rocked 'Enter Sandman''s opening guitar riff into the White Stripes' 'Canon.' So instead of being a faithful cover, White's rendition turned out to be more like a mash-up medley.

You can watch the results above.

Despite all the complaints about Metallica's appearance at the fest, the band took it all in stride, even offering a special T-shirt that included some of the negative quotes aimed at the group.

Speaking of Glastonbury, here are the Black Keys performing 'Fever' at the festival:

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