On Tuesday I showed you this small piece of Portland History--a single unpainted shingle on an otherwise red-painted structure...and the guesses were all good.

But only close. Nobody got it.  A few people said the "...Eastern Prom"; "...near that Park...."

It is right up, then slightly down the street. The shingle is the sole unpainted part of the Portland Observatory, around back.  The Observatory is going through some renovations--some windows being replaced. It was built in 1807, so a town observer could spot cargo-laden ships well off-shore, as they approached the early version of our current working waterfront.  Very much a part of the history of the town...for more, go up and take the tour. The Observatory is open daily, May 24 – October 13, 2014. The hours are 10 am – 5 pm.  All tours are guided, and the last tour begins at 4:30 pm. Please allow 45 minutes for your tour.

Thanks for playing along this summer.  Next Tuesday, I'll put up the picture of another spot in Portland, and see how well you know Portland.

Now, get out and enjoy the weekend.


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