Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake proved on last night's (October 26) Tonight Show episode that the bonds of friendship ultimately hinge on whether you can convincingly duet Alanis Morissette's "Ironic."

In the clip above, Jimmy and Justin are just two kids in the thick of a giggle-fit after lights out at Camp Winnipesaukee, where they've previously sung Third Eye Blind's "Jumper." They talk the latest in mid-'90s Halloween costume inspiration (Blossom! Steve Urkel!) before diving into Morissette's iconic pop hit, but their fun's ruined when an angry counselor (Tonight Show writer A.D. Miles) storms in and demands they keep down the racket.

When they don't, their rights to the grounds' snack shack are unceremoniously revoked. No Milk Duds? The pits!

Elsewhere in the episode, and after a few thrilling rounds of the Best Friends Challenge, Timberlake addressed that infamous voting booth selfie. You know, that one that was "under review" by a District Attorney's office near Timberlake's Memphis polling place and could have conceivably sent the singer to jail for 30 days.

Timberlake said he was trying to inspire the young electorate when he posted the image, but that he overlooked one particular law: That you, like, can't take photos from the site of booths and ballot boxes.

"Get out and vote, but, uh, don’t take a picture of yourself in there,” he advised. “I had no idea! I was like, 'This is going to be great. Inspire people to vote!' Then it was like, womp womp womp."

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