The entire state of Maine is reeling as the gruesome details of a shark attack off the coast Bailey Island continue to come to light. That attack cost a woman her life and made global headlines because of the rarity of its nature. It's also left many Maine natives as well as visitors questioning the safety of swimming in deeper ocean waters. A spotting off the coast of Portland will not help those matters.

Shared on Facebook by Kai Adams, he implores people to be extra careful if dipping in the water in Casco Bay. The photos shared by Adams were taken by a friend near Madeline Point on Cousins Island. While the photo of the shark is somewhat grainy, it's quite clear that the shark itself is large and could possibly be a great white.

Another photo shared by Adams is that of a dead seal with large bite taken out of its carcass. While it's uncomfortable to see such an adorable animal like this, it's a reminder of the power and deadly force in which a great white shark possesses. Another disturbing photo of a dead seal was shared on Facebook by Michael Keely, showing the seal with a massive bite wound on its carcass. That photo was taken at East Point Sanctuary in Biddeford Pool several days ago.

Ultimately, people are being asked to use their best judgment when it comes to swimming in deeper ocean waters at this time.

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