Do you remove all the material from the yard and dispose of it off site?

Yes, we remove any and all materials from the clean up and or mulching such as. Weeds, Sand, sticks, leaves, pine needles etc. We dispose of this material off site where the weeds, leaves and pine needles are composted and reused the following year.

Whats beneficial about having a spring clean up done to my yard?

A spring clean up is beneficial because removing the salt/sand, leaves, pine needles and sticks from your lawn and mulch bed areas. Will help to promote proper growth for your lawn and shrubs. The debris left behind from this harsh winter can suffocate and kill areas of your lawn or shrubs. Also having your lawn de-thatched helps with removing the "dead" grass and root material that layers your lawn after a long winter. This material can make your lawn look patchy and or thin in some areas because it will not allow the grass that is dormant to grow/fill in properly in the spring.

How is mulching beneficial for my shrubs and perennials?

Mulch helps to hold moisture for the shrubs and keeps the soil cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Mulching also helps to hold back the weeds and stops soil compacting around the base of your trees and shrubs. Mulching also adds beauty to your landscaping by providing a cover or uniform color to add texture to your beds.